THE ROOM Abu Dhabi operates in 3 different studios for different group classes, personal training and activities. Our members say these studios are the cleanest of all the city. And also the most beautiful ones. Our Care Team work hard to keep them clean, top-notch and beautiful so you can have the best experience for each class you join. Take a look here for each studio in our facility.


The Cycling Room® Abu Dhabi is a top notch designated Spinning® studio. The Cycling Room studios started in Belgium and are in Abu Dhabi to enjoy. Spinner® Blades, great national and international Spinning® presenters and multiple classes each day! Your Care Team will welcome novice riders as well as performance athletes. If you want to work on your fitness level and get in shape, or you want to meet alike minds while working out, The Cycling Room will make you sweat! Spacious, vibrant and full of energy!


If you want to live real “flow” of your body, mind and emotions, we invite you to visit our most private training room! The Flow Room is for private, semi-private or small group session with your Care Team Trainer. Cozy and charming…


The Balance Room is a beautiful studio for your All New Body. A spacious hall (110m²) very nicely equipped for all group classes, from Yoga to Pilates, from Pump to Tabata Circuit, from Step to Body Blast and last but not least we have a many dance classes like Zumba® and Salsa! Your sanctuary of wellness awaits you.


You know every club has a reception area or a café. At THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, you will have more than a reception or just café: our famous Live-in Room!
The “Live-in Room” is the main gathering place in THE ROOM Abu Dhabi with its special cozy decoration and a usual living room look of a warm house. Truly a natural and dynamic third place for you to spend time with friends, family and your Care Team. Have a coffee, read a book from our shelves, or just relax!

starroomA cosy, private space for One-on-One training. Exclusive space for LADIES ONLY Personal Training sessions as well as muscle gain training.

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Get your body moving with this Latin inspired workout! Fun and easy to do moves will get your heart pumping. Dance your way to a fitter you!


Find strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing. learn different forms of stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques. Yoga also helps to lubricate the joints, ligaments and the tendons of the body, creating overall wellbeing and strength. Try our different classes today from Hatha Vinyasa flow, Hatha Shivenanda or Hatha Vinyasa & Ashtanga


Weight Loss Pilates group training sessions are perfect for those who want to lose weight safely and effectively without putting any stress on the joints. With a unique and effective combination of Pilates and aerobic conditioning, this fun workout will slim and tone your entire body. Exercises are combined in innovative and powerful sequences to enhance the body’s fat burning capacity


Attacking the major muscles groups, but not forgetting those little stubborn ones, with this energeticclass guaranteed to shed those pounds. ”If it doesn’t challenge you…it doesn’t change you”


Fun, energetic combination of jazz, funk and Hip Hop dance specially tailored for kids! Learning new skill whilst getting active have never been this fun!


Take your pilates to the next level with this dynamic, energising Total Body Toning workout. These mat-based group training sessions incorporate all of the fun small equipment – Flex-Band exerciser, Fitness Circle resistance ring and Toning Balls. Using these resistance tools will sculpt and define arms, abs and legs.


Pilates Core group training sessions are designed to help you establish core strength and stability. You will learn simple, precise movements to increase your tone, develop flexibility, heighten mind-body awareness, and improve your posture. In this class you will practice exercises from the Essential and Intermediate repertoires of STOTT PILATES Matwork.


Focusing on the flow of movement and on the core muscles (called the “Powerhouse” muscles) Pilates increases strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and body awareness.


Spinning® is the best indoor cycling program in the world. All our instructors have both high Spinning® certification levels and a certain degree of outdoor cycling experience. You enjoy 45+ or 75+ minutes of stationary bike riding in a studio with an instructor, nice music and some light/video show.


Strength training at its best. Move your way through a series of choreographed free weight exercises guaranteed to give you the results you want!

Power Core

Intense Core exercise session. Definately your choice if you want to firm up your body and be challenged!


Get little feet moving with martial arts based fitness fun!

Weight Loss LBT

Legs, Bums and Tums with a nice cardio twist for optimal efficiency and results! Sequence of exercises to strengthen and tone those stubborn areas. You will not believe the fast results after these sessions.


Define and strengthen your body in this muscle conditioning class! Designed to define your muscles, build endurance and give you the results you desire!


Challenging functional workout combining martial arts and boxing. Kick, punch and fight your way to a stronger, leaner you!


Interval Training in different formats – TABATA, Functional or straight! Step up to the challenge and improve your strength, speed agility and endurance in this fast paced class suitable for all levels of fitness. Totally different CIRCUITS experience indoors or outside!


Take the next step to ultimate fitness! Utilizing an adjustable step, these classes bring your cardiovascular workout to new heights. With fun moves you will be stepping your way to a leaner & fitter you!




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