Our Story

Life at The Room Abu Dhabi

At the heart of THE ROOM you will find the Care Team. Upon entering, you will be receiving a warm welcome by a team of dedicated staff members in THE Live-in ROOM. Next get ready to feel truly guided by a team of highly specialized instructors and teachers in spacious, cosy, clean and beautifully equipped studios. Joining fun group classes, training to shape up or lose weight, it is all part of the life at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi… But there is much more. First and foremost, we believe in making every Moment count! We hope we can somewhat contribute to making your life #anextraordinaryroad. This starts with a healthy body and a peaceful mind. As your time is precious we are aiming at getting you the results you desire efficiently and fast by making sure your receive the guidance and information you need! Our professionals will be asking you specifically what you are aiming for and will be guiding you towards your goal!

Live-in Room
Life at THE ROOM is not just about fitness and that is what makes your experience with us very different and unique. Friendship is central to life at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi… Meeting alike minded people from all over the world in the Live-in Room (our reception area) to share tasty coffee or tea, have a chat or just take a Moment. Maybe you just want to grab an inspiring book from a shelf and enjoy sitting in the comfortable couch or around the table. You can just come by to chill out and share some time with your friends. If you have kids, we have some amazing partners who will offer your kids quality programs after school and during the weekend. You can also hold your kid's birthday party at THE ROOM. Our Care Team would love to make your kid's birthday a special fun day full of movement!

Pay us a visit and find out what THE ROOM Abu Dhabi could offer you - We are situated at Zayed Sports City (behind ticket box offices of the International Tennis Center). You can enter through gate 12 or 16. Of course you can also call us on 02/ 4444 945 or email to info@theroom.ae.
See you living the life at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi!

THE ROOM where it started.

Gizem and Peter are the founders of the THE ROOM concept. They met in a fitness club in Brussels, Belgium where Peter was teaching Spinning® classes as well as coaching runners and triathletes and Gizem was a regular participant. Short after they decided to start working together as they could immediately see their alike mind about a sense of contribution to other people's health and happiness, as well as their complementarity in business. They embraced the cultural richness of West meeting East and later intertwined this into every detail of the brand and it's expression! Gizem's natural sense of hospitality and quality service gave birth to the concept of the Live-in Room and genuine customer 'Care'.

Peter's scientific nature, his being people oriented and his professional sports past made sure that teaching people the science of things in a very fun and accessible way became part of the first place they opened together in Brussels, THE CYCLING ROOM®. This studio, albeit a humble start out of a 'basement', with to this day an incredible Care Team that made it all possible, set up the start of #AnExtraordinaryRoad which is today the THE ROOM brand with studios in Brussels and Abu Dhabi.