Adèle Du Toit


As a certified Master Rehab Trainer , Certified Barefoot Rehab Specialist and a level 3 diploma holder in NeuroPilates - Adele is passionate about helping people to correct postures and muscle imbalances or weaknesses to regain strength and mobility after injury. She also specializes in postnatal training to help women regain core strength, balance and flexibility after birth.

She values the importance of human movement and corrective training. By focusing on ultimate joint control and body awareness she has been able to help people move towards living a pain free life, as well as improving their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Originally from Cape Town South Africa she relocated to Abu Dhabi about 7 years ago, teaching Pilates and Spinning in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Adele is passionate about sharing her knowledge. Joining her workshops or training one-to-one with her will give you better range of motion, help you train more symmetrically and overall make you move more easily.