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Care Team

THE ROOM Abu Dhabi has an amazing team of fitness trainers. They are called CARE TEAM simply because they do care about your well-being and well-feeling!

Your CARE TEAM is consisted of fitness professionals, all certified internationally for the classes they teach. They come up with the best classes for your ultimate experience at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi!

Their strive for excellence and empathy make them constant learners in their field. We insist on every instructor we have at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi to be a global citizen bringing the best in them for you. This is why we are dedicated to finding the best CARE TEAM you might have in our clubs. Moreover, they are internationally and nationally renowned presenters/creators in their field- Spinning® Master Instructors, Zumba® star presenters, designers of Pump, SHAPE® classes, several workshops and seminars!

When you join a class with us, you will feel time fly and experience the best class with this great instructor caring about you! We mean it! For more information about your CARE TEAM, email info@theroom.ae. CARE TEAM will be happy to share the path with you and your beloved ones at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi!